Math-Physical Medicine

Food Science

NO. 074

A practical guide regarding carbs & sugar intake amount for controlling postprandial plasma glucose (a part of GH-Method: Math-Physical Medicine) 

NO. 098

Investigation on the impact of snacks and fruits on daily glucose level and diabetes complications. (GH-Method: math-physical medicine)

NO. 121

The role of fruit/snack intake between meals and their impact on postprandial plasma glucose using GH-Method: math-physical medicine 

NO. 132

Differences in physical characteristics between low-carb and high-carb meals using food nutrition segmentation analysis  (GH-Method: math-physical medicine)

NO. 260

Food nutrition and chronic diseases control during COVID-19 quarantine period using GH-Method: math-physical medicine (MPM)

NO. 274

Comparison between home cook meals and dine-out meals using both glucose and associated energy   (GH-Method: math-physical medicine)

NO. 301

A simple formula based on postprandial plasma glucose prediction using 5,640 meals data via GH-Method: math-physical medicine