It’s not the Calories, but the Type of Diet that Helps You Lose Weight

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bagelMillions of overweight Americans would like to lose weight. Most people seem to think that just eating less calories is the answer.  For decades, this mannerism of thinking has been tried, but so far, the results have been abysmal. So far, no one has been able to fully explain why some people manage to lose weight and yet others can’t manage to shed any, despite taking in less calories. Now there is a new way of thinking when it comes to weight loss: eating the right foods is also important.

A recent study reveals that diets which restrict processed carbohydrates, such as bagels and breakfast cereals, may help sustain longer lasting weight loss compared to other diets. This study indicates that it’s the quality of calories entering the body that affect the number of calories going out.

In this study, obese individuals tried out three test diets for 4 weeks at a time. All the diets provided the same number of calories, but largely differed in their carbohydrate, fat and protein content. At the end of the study, individuals reported no overall changes in feeling hungry while being on the different diets. The researchers observed that both the low fat and an ultra-low carbohydrate diet did not fare well against that of a low glycemic index diet, one rich in carbohydrates that were slowly digested in the body. Such foods include whole grains, leafy vegetables, and fruits. In this case the low-glycemic index carbohydrate diet was not associated with any increased physiological evidence of stress to the body, but yet resulted in the greatest weight loss.

This study shows that eating a low fat diet for weight loss is a myth. The best diet for weight loss should focus on quality carbohydrates. This is applicable for all people who want to lose weight. Of course, it’s important to remember that some type of exercise is also necessary to sustain and maintain the weight loss.

Contributed by Dr. Steven Bhimji, M.D.
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