Does Race Affect Response to Weight Loss Surgery?

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Many diabetics have undergone weight loss surgery procedures, but often the results have not been consistent. Some people have found surgery to be beneficial and others have found it to be a total waste of money.

Now a report from Duke University indicates that race may affect how some diabetics respond to weight loss surgery. In this small study, African American women experienced less weight loss than Caucasian women after gastric bypass surgery.

In the past other studies have also reported similar findings, hinting that African Americans tend to have resistance to weight loss when it comes both surgery and medications.

In this present study, the weight loss after gastric bypass surgery was much more significant in Caucasians compared to African Americans. Another interesting point was that the race difference in weight loss was more marked in non-diabetic women.

However, there are other data, which report the exact opposite. Some feel that perhaps that body composition is more important than race.

Unfortunately, despite the hype about bariatric surgery for weight loss and its benefits, the only things assured are that it’s an expensive undertaking and the complications can be devastating.

Contributed by Dr. Steven Bhimji, M.D.
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