Diabetic Drugs Linked to Macular Edema

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Macular edemaThe latest research reveals that the diabetic drugs, rosiglitazone (Avandia) and pioglitazone (Actos), can significantly increase risk of macular edema (a condition where fluid accumulates under the retina of the eye) in type 2 diabetic patients. The latest study from Forest Hospitals Foundation in Nottingham, found that the risk remained 2-3 times higher for many years after use of these drugs.

The glitazone drugs activate certain receptors in the retina and may contribute to retention of fluid in the eye. Based on this research, it is advised that physicians be vigilant in examining type 2 diabetic patients who are on Actos or Avandia.

Causes of macular edema have been previously reported while using glitazones, but prior studies and clinical trials have produced conflicting results, while no direct link between the drugs has been established.

In any case, physicians need to evaluate diabetic patients for macular edema who take Actos. In the case of Avandia, the drug is still only currently available in the USA through a restricted access program.

Contributed by Dr. Steven Bhimji, M.D.
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