Math-Physical Medicine

NO. 031

Health-Maintaining Tips for Diabetes Travelers

Corresponding Author: Gerald C. Hsu, eclaireMD Foundation, USA.

For the past 6.5 years (2012-2018), the author has made 179 trips by air which included 69 long-haul travels and 110 short-distance travels.  The average trip was 14 days.  This paper provides his personal experience on maintaining his health during traveling days.

Prior to 2015, both of his daily average glucose and Metabolism Index (MI), which has a 73.5% break-even level, as displayed on Table 1 were high (unhealthy).  After 2015, his glucose and MI levels improved to a healthy state; however, he did not meet his own targets: glucose 117 mg/dL and MI 59%.  Nevertheless, by following the guidelines listed below from the period after 2015, the author had better results.  Therefore, other busy T2D travelers can also maintain their “healthy” level of both glucose and metabolism during their traveling days by using the same method.

Table 1: Daily Glucose & Metabolism Index

The summarized traveling tips are as follows:

  1. Try to avoid having meals at the airport, airline lounge, and in-flight food.
  2. Don’t indulge yourself, avoid soft drinks, high carbs/sugar food (<15 grams/meal); eat mostly vegetables (size: ~2 fists) and eat berries and tomatoes, not overly sweet fruits.
  3. Maintain exercise regimen.  After eating, find places to walk 4,000 steps.  If inside the airport, walk along the hallway between gates, wherever is safe.
  4. Drink 2,000 to 3,000 cc of water each day, dress comfortably, control your weight, maintain sufficient sleep hours, keep a positive mindset, and avoid getting sick or injured.

This short article may be beneficial to T2D patients, who travel frequently, by helping them learn how to control their glucose levels and maintain a healthy metabolic state.